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Noble Courtship: Art Auction!

Fri Sep 4, 2015, 6:37 PM
Oooh! That's right!

I'm holding an art auction! my lovely, darling Kuja has just been confirmed for the title of Honorable! In celebration, I'm holding an auction for one of his slots, completely free!

:star:951 RVMS Kuja the Honorable by RVMStables:star:

Why you should enter:
:bulletpurple: Kuja is a sexy elegant hunk of a stallion and would woo any mare off her hooves!
:bulletpurple: No, seriously, look at him! Purple and gold scream nobility.
:bulletpurple: He's registered as Honorable, so his foals get an immediate +2VP to their registry.
:bulletpurple: He's Dominant for Gilded, meaning no matter who you breed him to, it will always be a choice! Gilded is a retired gene!
:bulletpurple: He also has the somewhat uncommon Tuxedo gene that he can pass along, as well as Splash and Gem Dilution, and Silver, which he is heterozygous for. If the foal has Tuxedo, that's a +1 to their VP, and they will automatically get another +1 for being Gilded! That's a possible 6 VP and a guaranteed 5 VP right off the bat, just from the sire!
:bulletpurple: Who doesn't want one of his babies?

Okay, okay, I'm done joking around.

The Guidelines

Draw a mare with Kuja! He's kind of picky when it comes to girls, but this is your chance, ladies! You can do it! You may do one (1) piece of art for the contest! You do not have to own a Snjorrir to enter! If you don't have one, there will be horses provided for you to use!

Art must consist of:
:bulletpurple: A minimum of a headshot-- you can do more if you want to!
:bulletpurple: Full color and background. It doesn't have to be shaded, but the background should be distinguishable and not a solid color.
:bulletpurple: Kuja and your choice of mare!

Alright, girls, are you ready?
You may draw Kuja with one of the following:
:bulletpurple: A mare of your own
:bulletpurple: A mare you have a slot to
:bulletpurple: One of my mares
:bulletpurple: One of the mares offered up for use! 

That's right, a couple of my eligible bachelorettes will be available for this art auction as well, if you don't own a mare or a slot you'd like to use.

My Mares Available for Use
128 RVMS Tiifa by RVMStables
128 RVMS Tiifa
Tiifa and Kuja have a bit of history between them. They got into a spat a few months ago, but recently buried the hatchet and are on amicable terms.
-Tiifa is not registered with her VP, and so can't give her foals any bonus from there
-She is heterozygous for Inkglot, and may pass it on to her foals!

125 RVMS Fallo by RVMStables
125 RVMS Fallo
Fallo and Kuja haven't formally met, but part of the reason he fought with Tiifa is because he looks down on the warrior class-- he didn't fight in the war, he was a pampered palace horse. He thinks Fallo is very pretty, but that her mucked up and scarred coat is a travesty and a shame.
-Fallo is both unregistered for VP, and has not amassed enough to give her foals a bonus.
-She is heterozygous for the secondary coat gene, Tanin, which can only be gotten from Birthday Imports! She may pass this on to her foals!

624 RVMS Risyan by RVMStables
624 RVMS Risyan
Kuja really likes Ris, and thinks she's absolutely stunning. He hung around her as her pasture buddy for a while, but when her half-sister Fallo arrived, she was placed with her instead of him. They have a pleasant relationship.
-Ris is not registered with her VP, and so can't give her foals any bonuses from there.
-She is heterozygous for Geode, and also has the Flaxen gene!

Other Mares Available for Use
T'Khasi's Pi'duv (E279) by brytewolf
E279 T'Khasi's Pi'duv
Reserved and quiet, Pi'duv is attentive and observant. She is simplistically beautiful, and Kuja paticularly likes the little star spots on her coat. So pretty!
-Pi'duv is not registered with her VP, and so can't give her foals any bonuses from there
-She is heterozygous for the coveted Starfinder gene, and splash, which Kuja also has!

:heart:Offered by brytewolf!

990 Rorivale by lonacwana
990 Rorivale
Headstrong and determined to be the best, Rori may pick fights with those around him, although he can be ridiculously obstinate one moment, and then sickeningly sweet the next. Though Rori is a mare, he prefers male pronouns. Kuja thinks he's breathtaking with that blood red coat, although their personalities are likely to clash in unpleasant ways.
-Rorivale is not registered with his VP, and so can't give his foals any bonuses from there
-He is homozygous for the Bongo gene, and so a foal from he and Kuja will have both Gilded AND Bongo
-He is also heterozygous for Oryx Mottle, and may pass it on to his foals!

:heart:Ofered by lonacwana!


First Place: Wins the breeding slot with Kuja and can use it right away-- your image counts as a breeding picture, and as soon as I announce the winner, you can send in for your genos! I'll have put your names down in the slots beforehand.

Second Place: Receives a breeding slot to one of my Snjorrir of their choice!

Third Place: Receives a full body background picture of a Snjorrir of their choice! Or, if they don't own a Snjorrir, a horse of their choice.

Bonuses for offering up your mare!
That's right, I'm sweetening the pot for those that don't want to enter. If you don't feel like entering for whatever reason, but feel like throwing in one of your mares for use, WELL. You get free VP if someone decides to draw them. 

:bulletpurple: If your mare is offered up, but not drawn, I will draw your mare in a full body background piece as a consolation prize. Either way, you get some art out of it. 

All I ask is that you be prepared to ante up one breeding slot to her for use in this auction!

If you wish to offer up your mare, please fill out the following form:

Mare's name and ID:
Link to reference:
Slot marked for use?: (Please say yes and do so, or do so before filling out the form)

Limit Five (5) additional mares for use! If you're not sure if you've made the cut before 5 other people, please check the comments so you don't mark a slot down, and then have me tell you "Whoops! Sorry! Five other mares have already been chosen!"

(so that if they aren't used I don't have a huge stack of art to do as consolations, lmao)

:bulletpurple: Earthborn OR Shadowvale Exports are accepted! Your mares don't have to be a starter to be acceptable, just all of mine are xD

Should you win First or Second...
My rules require that any foal of my horses must have a breeding slot dedicated to me for future use, and that if you later intend to sell or otherwise rehome a foal from two of my Snjorrirs (so if you use one of my girls and win) you must tell me first.

:star:Deadline is October 20th:star:
So you have, roughly, a month an a half. Extensions may be given if asked for closer to the date!

I may ask for judges to help me make a final decision. In that instance, coming to a decision may take a while, so please be patient!

What I will be judging on:
-Characterization within the piece. I want to see their personalities brought to light.
-Quality! Not against other people, but against yourself. Even a headshot can look amazing if you put in the effort! I will be judging against your gallery.
-Effort! If it looks like you put a lot of work into it, it'll earn you bonus points!

Pi'Ku Noble Courtship by Dappleclaw
By Dappleclaw
If you have any questions I haven't answered, feel free to ask! :heart:

Journal History


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1,551 / 10,000
Just for payments and for donations <3

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A110 RVMS Kisoc by RVMStables
A110 RVMS Kisoc
Name: RVMS Kisoc
Nickname: Ki
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Boucle-Unicorn 
Age: 8
Height: 18.1hh
Colour: Silver noir snowflake appaloosa nebuleuse etoile (Rapunzel)
Genotype: Ee/aa/nZ/nLp/nNeb/nEt/(R)
Birthstone: Tourmaline (August)
Discipline: Halter and Liberty
Personality: Serious and vain, Ki prefers to be seen rather than touched, unless he's being groomed. He loves the more luxurious aspects of life, and enjoys being primped up and using expensive product and nice, warm water on his coat. He enjoys the company of ladies over other stallions or men, and is actually a bit of a flirt when he's not brooding and concerning himself over his appearance.
Magic: Not unlocked


Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown

Breeding: Open
1. Mine
2. Mine
3 brytewolf- Slot trade
- Slot trade
5. Private
6. Private

Import Sheet:
Boucle Unicorn Import A110 by soulswitch

Magic Points:

Reference +2

WHEEEE FINALLY ;w; I have a Boucle Unicon! <3 I've wanted one for so long wee ;w; He's gorgeous and perfect! EEEE <3333 Pretty in pink indeed!

Man doing the snowflake was rly hard I should have just done it like how I do skyfall LOL

Fawnling RP Tracker and Plot Journal!

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 30, 2015, 4:55 PM


Alena the Herbalist

Alena | Doe | Herbalist by RVMStables
RP: :bulletgreen: Open
Rut: :bulletgreen: Open

Alena is a little cold to begin with, but she's fine enough when she begins to open up to someone. She's got a decent sense of humor, is bright, attentive, and can be fairly pleasant company.

Wanted RPs/Plot Ideas:
:bulletpurple:Herb gathering, with anyone, really! She doesn't mind venturing above ground.
:bulletpurple:Recovering and working with her memories. This is partially a personal arc that will be worked out, but you are welcome to participate!
:bulletpurple:Working on her magic! Alena doesn't know it yet, but she wants to become a shaman some day! Maybe even an Oathkeeper! She needs a better magic score before then
:bulletpurple:Teaching/learning herbs. She could always use some more experience here, too!
:bulletpurple:Playing with and/or teaching fawns. She loves babies. She'd be more than happy to mentor your little one.
:bulletpurple:Love! Alena could do with someone to help her out when she needs it most. She's fairly grounded for an Oakfern, so if your character's looking for someone mellow and low-maintenance, Alena might be a good bachelorette!

Present RPs:
(:bulletgreen: replied, waiting reply// :bulletred: need to reply to)
1. With rat-goddessLlevette :bulletred:
2. With nyxxiis's Pascal :bulletgreen:


Angeal the Recruit

Angeal | Buck | Aspiring Soldier by RVMStables
RP: :bulletgreen: Open
Rut: :bulletred: Closed. He's just barely old enough to breed and really has no interest in having kids just yet.

Angeal is a dedicated and serious young and upcoming soldier, but he has a soft side, and is incredibly kind and gentle! He's really kind of the odd man out, and is often bullied for his coat color. He really doesn't seem to mind, though.

Wanted RPs/Plot Ideas:
:bulletorange:Training! Angeal's always game for dancing around with another recruit or younger soldier. He doesn't much care for fighting with other, older stags because he doesn't feel he's in a position to do so. He will only participate in a spar versus an older (10 or older) stag if ordered by a higher up. He will, however, happily participate in drills and marches.
:bulletorange:Friends! Angeal will have a best friend, but his best buddy is a baby right now, and they probably won't actually meet for a while. He, however, needs others who don't mind his coat color and will hang out with him. He's a big goober, I promise.
:bulletorange:Enemies! Angeal is not a very popular dude. He's a bit of a pushover because he's a stickler for rules, regulations, and his own code of honor. However, he's also a big dude, and is almost 11 hands tall at 5 years old, and probably half that across, lmao. He could do with getting into a scuff with someone if they decided to take their bullying to the physical level.
:bulletorange: Looking for a darkling to pick on? Angeal's your guy! Young, relatively inexperienced, and unwilling to fight back, he's the perfect target for your asshole bully to pick on! Just try not to feel sorry when he gets big sad puppy eyes on his lonesome later.
:bulletorange:Ah, young love! Angeals' pretty charming when he wants to be, but doesn't have his mind set on the ladies at the moment. Anything romantic with him, for now, will probably be adorable puppy love, and the doe can be anywhere in the 5-9 age range. If it gets serious enough, and she gets involved in rut, he may even try to fight for her, even if he doesn't breed with her in his first rut!
:bulletorange: Senpai, notice him! Angeal may be looking for a mentor of his own, some older, more experienced soldier who doesn't mind taking a darkling under their wing. He's a really good little recruit, and does exactly what he's told, to the letter. (May be taken, but there could be more than one position open for this)

Present RPs:
(:bulletgreen: replied, waiting reply// :bulletred: need to reply to)
1 with SilverEnvy09's Colonel Jarrick :bulletgreen:


Lady Lucina the Little Golden Star

Lady Lucina | Filly | Lady of Glenmore by RVMStables
RP: :bulletgreen: Open
Rut::bulletred: Way too young

Lucina is a tomboyish little lady with a sense of adventure and a rather alarming sense of acceptance for someone of noble birth. She has a kind heart, a quick mind, and a lust for the unknown. 

Wanted RP/Plot Ideas

:bulletgreen: Making friends! She's a royal in a boom of a lot of royals. I would love for her to make a lot of friends around her age! She doesn't really care if you're a commoner or not, but if your filly is dark or your colt is pale, she might poke a wee bit of fun at them. She never accepts anyone for face value, and even if you have squiffy magic or are piebald, she's more likely to be fascinated with you than repulsed. She wants to be everyone's friend!
:bulletgreen: Meeting her siblings! Lucina's one of nine foals from Knox this season, and she'd love to meet her brothers and sisters from this rut AND the last one! She'd also love to meet any one of her other relatives! Come love the little pale lady!
:bulletgreen: Tutoring! I really want her to have awesome scores in magic and herbs! And also, her physical stats! I want her, when she's older, to be able to take all comers. Any and all training is welcomed!
:bulletgreen: I want her to face some sort of adversity. Oakfern fawntakers, Blackwood raiders, or other ne'er-do-wells! I might even be okay with her getting a minor injury (getting knocked around, beaten up, or maybe even a scar or two! Just nothing majorly defacing)
:bulletgreen: Similar to the above, Lucina is fantastic for nicer outsiders to encounter! She's very nice for a Glenmore royal, and your outsider, traveler, renegade, or stray Blackwood would find an adorable and eager companion in her for a little while! Until her parents come calling, that is.
:bulletgreen: Strong lady role models! Most Glenmorians ladyfolk are demure and proper. Lucina's got a bit of a rebellious streak and while she will be a proper lady when she grows up, she will also take no one's guff. I want strong lady rolemodels to teach her that she can be her own person! That she can live for herself instead of living for others, and she can do it with style if she has to conform to society, too! 

Present RPs:
(:bulletgreen: replied, waiting reply// :bulletred: need to reply to)


Ryroran the Herbalist

Ryroran | Stag | Herbalist by RVMStables
RP: :bulletgreen:Open!
Rut: :bulletyellow: Open to Blackwood does who want him, or renegade, refugee, or otherwise happens-to-be-in-Blackwood does that want him. He will never make unwanted advances in any fashion to any doe.

Ryroan is actually a fairly sweet and easygoing Blackwood. Make no mistake-- he's as much a cutthroat survivalist as any one of the other fawnlings in the kingdom, but he tends to take it easy, and evaluate situations as they unfold. He's tall, gangly, fluffy, and unassuming. Just how he likes it.

Wanted RP/Plot Ideas

:bulletblack: Working with the Blackwood recruits. His entire character arc for the moment is surrounding his enlisting in Kostra's forces as an herbalist and healer. He will gladly mend a fellow soldier, practice magic or herbs with them, and even might spar a bit, although he doesn't look like much of a fighter. If you're in the army, he wants to help!
:bulletblack: Practicing his magic and herbs. They're his strong point, as he doesn't really care much for physical combat, and prefers the craftier approach to things rather than the physical. He will gladly accept any and all help in this area! He knows his skills could use some brushing up.
:bulletblack: Any and all interactions! He's a great member of Blackwood for outsiders to meet. He's very friendly and willing to help those of the outsiders who seek asylum for a moment in Blackwood, although if they intend to stay, his welcome will only last so long before he refers them to the law of the land-- survive the winter, and you're as good as one of us. He's a little wary of pale coats, as they draw attention, but he's less adverse to them on outsiders as he is to them on Blackwoods.
:bulletblack: Very tentatively, but I'd like something to do with his mother and her insanity. Presently, he has no named mother, or father for that matter, in blackwood. If you have an old enough doe or stag who could be related to him and want that, let me know! He's super scared of turning out like his mother, who went mad with her black magic. It's part of the reason he hasn't really touched his inborn necromancy magic. He fears it. A couple of fawnlings in this plot to explore an intimate storyline would be preferred!

Present RPs:
(:bulletgreen: replied, waiting reply// :bulletred: need to reply to)
1. With orengel's Triste :bulletgreen:
2. With HayleyWolf's Zahira :bulletgreen:

My preferred method of RP is over Google docs! I have a skype if you want to talk OOC, or arrange stuff other than somewhere on dA. I'll probably write my post in word and then paste it onto the doc so you guys can't see me type it out xP. Also, if I forget to reply, you are more than welcome to come dropckick me if it's been a couple days or something. Real life likes to eat me alive sometimes D8

A Star is Born by RVMStables
A Star is Born
Featuring Lady Lucina and Lady Deirbhealla
Spring, Year 763 of the New Age
Glenmore, Glenwood

Whee! :dummy: I just wanted to doodle this up because Lucina was born on Monday! (she hasn't been accepted by the group just yet, but the fifth was her birth date!)

So here have a newborn Lucina gawping at something and bleating as she hides under her mother's tail. She's just standing here, too! Lookit her spindly legs! Eeee! <3

Also, holy cow Bealla's hair. And flowers. I kinda suck at flowers to begin with, but trying to draw specific ones? A nightmare. Especially lots of tiny ones xD But! She looks very pretty and she was a lot of fun to color! ;w; Whee!

The lightbeams of death make their return in more Glenmore art from me. Idk it makes it feel more idyllic to me!

Astrali NPCs by RVMStables
Astrali NPCs

These horses are NPC characters! Anyone can use them in their Astrali plots, writing, roleplays, and art!

Right, so I was looking over Kuja's stuff and really wanted to design all the lovely NPCs I mentioned in his story. Specifically, his foster mother and his foster brother, because I had a very vague image surrounding mom, and a somewhat clearer one for her son.

Annndd then I decided, why not do his parents too.

So, here we are!

The characters:


Gender: Mare
Color: Vanilla Pargrey
Genotype: (ee/Cc/nGm/VV/nPg)
Age: 16 Years old
Height: 15 hh
Personality: Kind and accepting, Gaia adores all foals, and is very motherly and protective towards them, even if they aren't her own. She tries to remain neutral on herd politics, but has been known to be subtly passive-aggressive to those who have wronged her or wronged those she cares about. And she always gets away with it-- no one would suspect the sweet little mare. She's often compared to the moon for her pale, mottled coloring, although she's very humble and lets these compliments roll off her back. She is a nanny and caretaker to the herd. She wears several golden decorations and a crescent moon charm that Kuja made for her.
Zidane, son (NPC)
Kuja, son by adoption
Zora , granddaughter by adoption


Gender: Stallion
Color: Peach Sabino
Genotype: ee/Cc/VV/nSb
Age: 8 years old (pictured as foal)
Height: 15 hh
Personality: There is nothing that can get Zidane down. He is optimistic, upbeat, and always eager to help. He's a bit of a tail chaser, and loves the ladies. He's also got a love of stories, drama, and the arts. Even though he's fully grown, he's still fairly childish. He is an actor in a small troupe of horses in the herd that put on plays for the rest of them. Despite his playful and often times childish demeanor, Zidane is incredibly wise and well-learned. He prefers it this way-- then, others underestimate him. He is Kuja's brother, after all, regardless of actual blood relation. Nowadays, he wears his mane tied in a loose ponytail at his withers, and wears a fancy looking necklace and jabot-like piece of cloth that Kuja made for him. 
Gaia, Mother (NPC)
Kuja, brother by adoption
Zora, niece by adoption


Gender: Stallion
Color: Gilded Silver Blue Tuxedo Skyfall (Porcelain)
Genotype: Ee/cc/nG,/Vv/nGd/nTx/nSf (EE/cc/GmGm/VV)
Age: 18 Years old
Height: 16.2 hh
Personality: A stern and stalwart traditionalist, Kallos has little appreciation for those who aren't star-touched. He is a lieutenant within the guard, and only metes out respect for those horses that earn it by hard work under his command, if they do not have the sparkling coat so coveted by the herd-- and by him. He has blood lines going back to the second Astralis, and is very proud of his incredibly noble heritage. He has a hatred that causes him to attack on sight towards Hellraisers and Mancers. He is incredibly discriminatory, although to those who he cares about, they will find none more loyal and willing to defend. He, in spite of his snobbish attitude, is incredibly loyal and devoted to his cause and to the ones he loves.
He's lost a bit of respect in the herd for lying about having a son that isn't Star-Touched. He still remains in his position of power, but will never come to forgive Kuja for besmirching his name and sullying his perfect bloodline.
Kuja, son (disowned)
Zora, granddaughter


Gender: Mare
Color: Gilded Lilac Splash Skyfall (Opal)
Genotype: ee/Cc/nGm/Vv/nGd/nSpl/nSf (ee/cc/nGm/VV)
Age: 17 Years old
Height: 15.2 hh
Personality: Aristocratic with a sense of superiority over those who aren't Star-Touched, Jullia is kind and wonderful to those she favors, and cold and clinical with those she does not. She has a gift with words, a taste for the finer things in life, and a sense of pride in her coat. She likes to play that she's delicate and effeminate, but she has been known to rip others down without a second thought. She loves gossip, politics, and laughing at the expense of others. She's quite loyal to her friends and those she loves, however, and stands up for them if she thinks they've been slighted. 
She's lost a bit of respect in the herd for lying about having a son that isn't Star-Touched. She still has a certain sway among the other nobles, but resents Kuja for destroying her reputation and making her an object of gossip.
Kuja, son (disowned)
Zora, granddaughter

Everyone is free to use these guys in their plots and whatnot :dummy: If you have someone who could be, or who you want to be related to these guys, let me know and I'll update the family section!

Also yes I am still Final Fantasy trash. >A>;;;; Shoosh.

Life update 

1 deviant said I did, however, get a job! although it's sapping the life out of me, lol ;_; I'm already low on energy from whataver's up with my stomach
No deviants said went to another doctor, got bloodwork done, don't have the bacterial marker for an ulcer
No deviants said so we're back at square one as far as my medical mysteries are concerned. Yay.
No deviants said My life has basically been a cycle of 'wake up, go to work, come home, veg out in font of the computer and do nothing, go to sleep'
No deviants said I intend to get my Astrali ref done for Zora and maybe do some fawnling art soon! I have a couple unfinished pieces sitting in my folder


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Community Project: Nordanner by Experimentor-Iblis
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I haven't had the chance to work on much of anything ;_; sorry!
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E516 Snjorrir Foal Design by TheMs0kitty
It got accepted! :la: What do you think, boy or girl? o-o (I still haven't registered it on the earthborn form because I don't have a gender/name yet xD)
TheMs0kitty Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015
I totally just realized that I forgot to send you the genos BI

Gilded Bleufros Dun Gemroan (Dark chocolate points)


Gilded Porcelain Dun Gemroan Skyfall (Saple)(Black points)
EE/cc/VV/nD/nGmR/GdGd/nSF (EE/cc/Vv)

I'm not sure which geno I'll pick yet (it'll probably be the Skyfall :'D), but hopefully the foal will be designed soon! :la:
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LOL I was COMPLETELY wrong! Guess I forgot the vanilla whoops ;_; That last one looks gorgeous! Omg! DO IT
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