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Rut Journal!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 6, 2015, 1:01 PM

Since everyone has one!

Alena | Doe | Herbalist by RVMStables
:bulletpink: Alena, Doe
Oakfern Herbalist

Status: Open, albeit a bit selectively. 

Angeal | Buck | Aspiring Soldier by RVMStables
:bulletblue: Angeal, Buck
Silverthorne Soldier-in-Training

Status: Tentatively open. He's still very young, but if some nice doe came along and stole his heart, he might be willing to have a fawn now, if she wanted it too. 

Ea|Doe|Recruit by RVMStables
:bulletpink: Ea, Doe
Silverthorne Soldier-in-Training

Status: Closed, although she's open to romance possibilities. She's kind of single-minded on her goals, and a foal would slow her down. She's also a little uncomfortable with the idea of being a mother at the moment-- she's still young.

Lady Lucina | Filly | Lady of Glenmore by RVMStables
:bulletpink: Lucina, Filly
Glenmore Nobility

Status: CLOSED. She's just a baby!

Ryroran | Stag | Herbalist by RVMStables
:bulletblue: Ryroran, Stag
Blackwood Herbalist and Healer. 

Status: Open to any doe that will have him. Kind of. He's a big sweetie and will probably actively court her before he tries anything, and won't ask out of the blue. For does that don't belong to Blackwood, they'll have to either skirt the territory or come into Blackwood, or else we can work something out! He doesn't often venture far from home.

If anyone wants to work out mates, thinks someone of yours would be good for someone of mine, I am open for plottings and love! >w>

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Brushes by crazy-alice

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No deviants said I AM GOING TO CRY ;_;
No deviants said I don't know how I keep getting bacon when I'm like barely active and afk a lot and moving and stuff
No deviants said but you guys are absolutely the best I'm almost to my goal
No deviants said I was having a really off day until I got the notification and I'm just so thankful for everyone ughhhHHH ;_;
Alena | Doe | Shaman by RVMStables
Alena | Doe | Shaman
:new: Happy birthday Alena! You're now a Shaman!

Moving ref pending >A>;

Basic Information
Name: Alena
Nickname(s): Allie on rare occasion.
Gender: Doe
Age: 15
Year of Birth: 749 of the New Age 
Herd: Oafkern
Rank: Shaman
Sire: Oakfern NPC
Dam: Oakfern NPC
Bloodline: 100% Oakfern
Mate(s): None yet
Fawns: None yet
Magic Type: Water

Physical Information
Height: 7.2hh
Build: Light, but with feathering on her hooves
Phenotype: (Rose) Grey Restricted Fawn (On Bay)
Genotype: Ee/Aa/nG/fwfws/nRx
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Horn: Single, Wavy. It was once perfectly straight, but a head injury now causes it to grow in at a gentle wave.
Mane: Very long and wavy. It curls at the tips.
Distinguishing traits: In the light, none. In the dark, her white, swirling painted markings can be seen.
Accessories: A necklace of strung pearls that coils around her throat like a choker, a ring of them that loosely holds her mane in place, and a few owl feathers behind her left ear, to symbolize her devotion to Gealach. She has lost many of her seashells in her transition from healer to shaman, but she still holds onto them, instead choosing to decorate her den with them, stringing them to the cieling and listening to their pleasant chime that way.
Design Sheet: Fawnlings April Pool #2

Skill Points
Speed: 8 [Basic Level]
Stamina: 3 [Basic Level]
Strength: 0 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 5 points max)

Magic: 11 [Medium Level]
Herbs: 11 [Medium Level]

Experience: 0


+7 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+1 magic - starter bonus
+10 herbs - starter bonus
Step Gingerly
+2 Magic, +1 Herbs (+3 total) - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - Step Gingerly
Ebb and Flow
+1 Speed - art - Ebb and Flow
+1 Magic - lit - 400-999 words - Ebb and Flow
+1 Magic- art - Moontouched
+3 Magic- lit - 2000+ words - Moontouched
So Have You Heard?
+0- lit - 400-999 words - So Have You Heard?
+1 Magic - art - Reflect
+1 Magic - lit - 400-999 words - Reflect



Calm: "Hush now. There's no need to cause a ruckus."
Alena is unshakably calm. There is little one could do to surprise or scare her. She rarely loses her temper, and even when she does, it is rarely anything more than a harsh snap of words and a stern glare that one earns for their troubles. She never raises her voice, she never panics, and she endeavors to pass these traits on to others in their times of need. She is more than content to be the strongest person in the room. Some may confuse this for her being unemotional or uncaring-- not the case. She hides her feelings behind a calm facade and only shows them to those she trusts absolutely-- if, indeed, anyone can lay claim to such a title.

Cool: "That's unfortunate."
Hand-in-hand with the above, Alena is also incredibly cool. Sometimes, this may come off as icy or uncaring, but she simply chooses to remain at a distance from most everyone. Compassion is not something that she is prone to showing to anyone but young fawns. Those old enough to take care of themselves are often old enough to know better. She is not cool to the point of being cruel, however, and will not hesitate to offer aid if it is needed. Perhaps an emergency conflict situation is the only time one may see her unshakable collected personality rocked to its core.

Motherly "Come, child. Let me see that ankle..."
She loves fawns. Fawns are the next generation, full of life and love and energy, and she will do everything in her power to ensure that they are well cared for an protected.... well. Fawns of Oakfern, anyway. Even in the monthly rituals, she is saddened to see young lives extinguished, even if their blood pays recompense for all of the Oakfern lives lost. She thinks it's a pity, but a necessary evil. Their mothers ought to have kept a closer eye on them, after all, and she would never let something like that befall any fawn under her care; be they born from her own body or another's.

Devout "We will never forget."
As with most all Oakfern residents, Alena is incredibly devout to the causes. She believes there are necessary evils and a right to their rituals that were given to them by their trials. She, however, has a firm set of ideals instilled in her, and is hard-pressed to sway from her own personal beliefs. There is a heart under that collected exterior, and it beats with the occasional pang of sympathy for others. She does not like change, and would rather continue to keep tradition with the old ways than have them changed by any of the higher ups. It makes her uneasy. She's very fond of Oakfern's traditions, and doesn't want to see them altered in any way.

Submissive "Yes, of course."
Although she holds her beliefs, ideals, and thoughts close to her heart, she will almost never speak them. She will agree and go along with the common trends socially, and subscribe to whatever is politically popular to keep her head down and to remain a lesser target. She will always follow orders and do as she is told, regardless of conflicting beliefs. Such an attitude has caused her a lot of inner turmoil, but she keeps a stiff upper lip. 

Vain "I rather like my silvery self..."
Alena is vain. She believes her coat color to be a blessing, and beautiful, even if her opinion is not shared by others. She prefers to wear white paint that all but vanishes against her greying coat, so that it does not mar her coloring in the light, the little of it that she sees. She liked to accessorize, and she especially likes pearls, as she likens them to the moon. She has grown out her mane and tail to be elegant and almost Princess-like, and strikes a beautiful figure. She was adorned herself with more pearls, and spends her free time culturing freshwater ones for the herd, should they also wish to wear some. She thinks she is the picture of beauty, a vision of one of Gealach's sacred moonbeams to stride upon the earth, although she is humble enough not to project this onto others too much.


Birth: Spring of 749 of the New Age
Alena does not remember much of her younger years. Her mother and father were both Oakfern, and she was raised with the strict ideals to keep the hatred of other herds close to her heart. She latched onto the rituals and rites and stories with wide eyes and absorbed every syllable within them, letting it shape her into another one of the chanting masses at the monthly sacrifices. Her first words were, in fact, "We will never forget."

She was three years old when the Owl-fawn was spared from sacrifice, and remembers very little of why or how. The event is blurry to her, but she remembers the fawn living and being very confused as to why. The entire incident is hazy to her. Trying to remember gives her a headache.

At age five, her mother was killed by an anaconda on an outing to collect herbs. She struggled to free herself, but to no avail, and realizing that her daughter's life was in jeopardy, encouraged the young female to flee. With reluctance, Alena did, but in her panic, fumbled and tripped over a root on the jungle floor. Thankfully, one fawnling was enough to sate the great snake and the unconscious young doe was spared. She was found, mercifully, not long after, and came around to voices and faces that were... familiar, but in a hazy, misty way-- in much the way clarity of an image was lost to ripples if the reflecting water was disturbed. During the fall, she had dashed her head on a rock and forgotten almost everything she had learned, with motor functions and speech thankfully spared. It took her weeks to remember anything about her childhood, and even now, it is still quite hazy. She was learning from Healers at the time, following the instruction of her herbalist mother, and had to review everything she had learned in order to continue her training. Determined to do her mother's memory proud-- what little of it she could scrape together-- she poured everything into becoming a healer, and continued her training with renewed vigor.

She was eight when Nazam killed the previous king and took over, and the overthrow of the previous reign began. Over the next few years, the hierarchy shifted, and she became more withdrawn. She iced over as a self-defense mechanism, and learned to keep her cool under pressure and to go with the popular opinions of the time. She was merely another head in the herd, a lesser target, an aspiring healer to the wounded.

When she was ten, she became a herbalist, and the law forbidding crossbreeds was instated. It didn't sit right with her, but she put her feelings by the wayside and kept her mouth shut. It was not her place to question the laws. It was her job to heal the wounded and sick. All through the political turmoil, she kept her head down, kept healing, but always remained aware of what was going.

Over the next three years, she would begin to question King Nazam's sanity and keep an ear to the ground for any danger his slipping mental state might offer her. She is content to keep healing, doing the good work for the herd, and to keep herself a lesser target. Though she is troubled, she will never show it.

Roleplay Tracker

Spring Y762
Step Gingerly 
 With Llevette
Llevette and Alena meet for the first time, discuss their fate as destined by Gealach, and move on to find the ginger that Alena came to look for in the first place.

Friends and Relationships

>> Llevette || Acquaintance, Guard for herb hunting
Alena isn't quite sure what to make of the similarly coated doe. Llevette told her that Gealach had chosen her to hunt shadowcats, and that He was responsible for bringing them together. Alena is inclined to stick by her newfound company's side in case she's right, and that there is some reason the two of them were brought together. 

Art Tracker

Original art:
Ebb And Flow


Gift Art:
Moon Child by rat-goddess <3

Plot Ideas

-Some past stuff to flesh out her backstory a little more. Perhaps some herd members finding her after she hit her head? Working with her through her amnesia?
-Bringing her out of her shell. She needs friends but it's a rough road.
-AMOUR. Alena's a hard sell but man do I want to have her some tragic or fun romance. Haven't decided which. Possibly both. Mwehehehe.
-FAWNNNSSS. She loves fawns, but has none of her own (yet.) Have her interacting with some fawns? She'll take care of your presh babies.
-MORE WORK WITH MAGIC her score is pretty sad right now and I am not happy with it. >8I WORK ON IT ALENA.
-DRAMMMAAAA. Possibly due to the opinions she never states? lmfao. 
-ADVENTURE! :dummy: she has to go get herbs from outside! Let's go on an adventure!
-Pretty much everything and anything and I will work with other people's plots, too!

WHEEEEEE I HAVE A FAWNLING :dummy: I thought that trying to deal with one in Oakfern would be easiest, but there really is no "easiest" herd lore or legend or anything, really. LOL. It's all complicated and a fair bit of reading. The other option I was considering was Silverthorne, and I still might do that. There was at least one thing about potentially playing a fawnling in each herd that threw me off, but I had the least issue with Oakfern, so I will learn the world a little more and see where I go from there. 

I honestly thought drawing these guys would be harder, but I wound up just drawing her like I would a horse and putting a different head on the body. She doesn't look as thin and pretty as I'd like her to, but this is my first time drawing one, so she'll probably get that look as my style for these guys evolves.

I'm so excited to have her :excited: I can't wait to start plotting!
Featuring: Angeal, Genesis, and Nyx-Corvina
Mentions: Lieutenant Tyr, npcs, may mention others
Spring, Year 764 of the New Age
Silverthorne, The Silverwood

Spring. Another rut come and gone, and he was more than happy to not have a little fawn in tow this year as well. Although he was verging on his seventh year, he’d pretty much sworn to himself that he wouldn’t bother with rut until he became a soldier, and even then, his luck in wooing anyone would be very thin. His ashy coat was particularly undesirable, and he caught no end of flack for it. These days, he rolled his eyes at the comments and continued on his merry way. There was little one could to do shake his almost unflappable calm.

He had taken most of the day to simply enjoy himself. The forest was a peaceful, calm, and inviting place in spring, and although he prefered the vast open plains of the Silver Vale, the predators did like the taste of newborn fawn.

Content, with ears laid-half back in a lazy gesture, he continued on his way through the trees, humming tunelessly.

A commotion caught his attention, however, and rich brown eyes opened fully, ears perking forward.

It sounded like someone was getting into a scuffle--or were about to, anyway. He could hear raised voices, and they sounded upset. Curious, and ready to intervene if necessary, Angeal followed them.


The red dun was trotting around until he spotted a somewhat familiar and irritating sight along with hearing a rather loud conversation. The familiar form of Nyx was being surrounding by a few bucks, they were older than Nyx which made them a lot older than Genesis, which didn’t deter him from approaching with his head held high, ears pinned back as his light brown eyes narrowed in on the leader.

“Hey leave her alone”, the dun spoke calmly! His dark red mane, ruffling slightly with the light breeze. The bucks seemed to find the colt amusing as they began snickering, poking fun at him. They also seemed to have found the proud stance he took amusing, muttering to each other about the red dun being an ignorant colt.

The red dun scoffed slightly at what they were saying, this wouldn’t be the first time Genesis got into some form of scuffle, one of the older males started getting to close to the two younger Silverthorne’s, his light face approaching the black coated female’s side with teeth ready to send a sharp bite.

Immediately, Genesis turned his head, sinking his teeth into the golden coated male’s face, he tasted the disgusting metallic liquid and smelled it rising in the air as he heard a satisfying squeal of pain. The young colt bit back from trying to show how disgusted he was with the taste of blood but he just settled for staring at them, a light smirk itching to form at the corner of his mouth.

“You foolish twiglet”, the older buck spat loudly! Twiglet? He’s heard that used every once in awhile when passing by other fawnlings who seemed to be angry at another but what did he mean by that, the only thing Genesis knew was it was suppose to be insulting to him.


The black coated female frowned when she had been surrounded by a group of bucks, though she did see a few female’s behind them, she already knew where this was going and she mentally groaned at what was to come.

“Hello darkling”, the golden male spoke, curling his mouth into a sickening grin. She rolled her eyes mentally as she ignored the other rude comments that came from the older males.
"Don't you have better things to do weedmouth", the dark female spat loudly, making sure they all heard him as her tail curled slightly. When they were about to yell some more insults, a familiar red dun came to her aid, making her groan mentally once again, he had this knack of getting himself into more trouble than he should.

The bucks began to laugh and mutter things to each other about the red dun who didn't look exactly phased by their words or their snickering, in fact, he still looked rather arrogant with that posture of his. She was so busy wishing someone that could get these older fawnlings to leave before Genesis gets himself hurt or worse, both of them, that she didn't notice the golden coated leader reaching towards her to bite her.

But she did hear his cry of pain, causing her to look wide eyed at the male, spotting blood oozing out of his cut. She had to jump to the side to avoid being pulled into their physical scuffle now, the golden coated had went charging straight for Genesis.


The scene that met the large buck was not one that he favored. These were children being attacked. The eldest of the two couldn’t be more than three. He himself was only just verging on seven, come the summer. He laid his ears back, sticking to the edges of the clearing and on the edge of the conflict. For the moment, it seemed to be just words.

Even if those words were unfavorable. He cringed inwardly at the use of the term ‘darkling’ and narrowed soft brown eyes.
They made for the filly, and the young red dun got involved. He even drew blood. Impressed, but sensing that this would end poorly for the colt. Taking his chance, he charged into the clearing, skidding to a halt in front of the two fawns, kicking up chunks of turf as he did so. He lowered his head to retaliate with a skull bash at the golden buck’s attack.

He tossed his head as the impact occurred, throwing the assailant to the side and turning so that his side was presented, to better shield the two behind him.

“I believe there’s a saying here…” He hummed , although his attempt at a lighthearted tone belied anger, and his face was stern, “That you should ‘pick on someone your own size?’ These are fawns. How dare you even consider bullying them. You do yourselves a great dishonor. Have you no standards at all?!” He stomped one sturdy hoof for emphasis, and his tail thrashed out behind him in anger. He doubted that these young ruffians would listen to the words of yet another darkling, but he hoped that his size and bulk would at least be a deterrent.


His body tensed up, he was ready for whatever was to come as he tried to make himself seem a lot bigger than he was. He knew he was outnumbered, he knew he was out brawn as well. He blinked as a dark figure barreled right into the golden older buck, the figure stood still with their side hiding him and Nyx from the group of older fawn's view. He felt somewhat relieved but was a bit irritated as he glanced at Nyx's expression, he soon tried to look at the older fawn's, not paying attention to what the dark buck had said, his ears slowly pinning back.

Who in the burning fire pit, is this guy? The red dun would've scowled but he kept his usual calm and cocky expression. His tail flicking slightly as he moved closer towards Nyx, still trying to view the golden coat and his lackies.


She was going to end up helping Genesis if the older males had tried to harm the younger fawn, watching as Genesis grew tense and ready for them to spring on him. She blinked, a dark figure butting into the golden bullies body, her eyes slightly widening as she stared a dark coated buck.

She didn't even pay attention to Genesis who had relaxed but looked towards her, her eyes were directly on the roan male, seemingly starstruck. Rarely anyone would come to her aid, unless you counted Genesis but he seemed to like to get into trouble no matter what reason. She listened to what he said before trying to look at the other older fawnlings, would they listen to the dark buck? She didn't the strange behavior and feeling coming from the red dun nor the fact he moved closer to her as her attention was on the older dark coated buck.


The bucks-- all of them-- looked a little older than Angeal himself… almost old enough to join the ranks of the army, or to become scouts, as one fiery chestnut in the group looked like he belonged. Snorting, he turned to face them as they grouped up together and the golden buck he’d barreled into before squared himself away.

“Shut up, Darkling! You’re as bad as the rest!”

Angeal let his temper get the better of him. He charged, slamming his head into the golden buck’s and shoving him back as they clashed. Angeal clearly had him outmatched in raw power, and didn’t give any ground as the other male tried his hardest.

Unfortunately, his actions left the two fawns exposed, although Angeal had engaged the toughest of them. Still, a fawn versus a young adult was not likely to end pretty. He glanced backwards at the two, curious as to what they might do, handling himself easily in the process.

He tussled with tougher in his training. A simple shoving match was a bore for him. He almost, almost thought to yawn in exaggeration of how easy this was for him, but didn’t. That was a tad too arrogant for him.


Genesis watched the older male charge at the golden coat, he would've scoffed at the very idea of needing help but right now, his gaze landed two approaching fawnlings from the group, a Palomino Roan and a Silver Buckskin, both of which seem to be at least a year or two older than Nyx. The two year old red dun's ears fell back against his skull as they approached, dark eyes narrowed as his hooves dug into the ground below, heart pounding in his chest as blood seemed to rush through out his body in a break neck speed. He wasn't aware of what Nyx was doing, he was too focused on the in-coming palomino roan, the one who was about Nyx's age as his head lowered like he's seen his father do at one point. It didn't take long before he felt something bash into his head, shoving him backwards, unable to do anything about the Silver buckskin as he pushed back.

He didn't expect to actually be able to win but that wasn't going to stop the two year old, who only thought of being like his sire, lieutenant Tyr and stronger. He would do everything that was possible to not go down without a fight. Using his teeth, hooves and tail while trying to keep from getting hurt himself but of course, even he wasn't that capable.


The dark coated three year old's eyes widened ever so slightly as she saw two light coated bucks near her age came running towards them, the other male's seemingly just watching the entire event. Though the one heading towards her was most likely just trying to chase her away while the other one had a much darker intention as he went straight for Genesis.

Nyx sighed as she braced herself, she was a year younger then the buck running at her but by the speed he was going, it really was more him most likely trying to chase her off, when he got closer, she turned sharply and sent her back hooves into his chest. Making him stop and rear backwards, backing up, which made her feel much more relieved that he was smart enough to at least do that.

But before she could let him gather his thoughts, she whipped her tail straight at his face, feeling her tail pressing sharply against the bucks face, her body slowly turning to look at the male as her ears pinned back.

"Just because I'm a female and you're older, don't expect to find me an easy target", the dark female spat in irritation. She wanted to go back to eating and maybe run around a bit more but no, she couldn't do that, a bunch of buck's and their followers had to come along and cause a mess.

She waited for him to make a move but the silver buckskin just stood there, staring down at her, making her mentally roll her eyes before trying to go to her red dun friend's aid, only for the older male to get in her way.

"Move", she warned! Her ears flat against her skull now as she stood her ground as the slightly taller fawnling as close as possible to her.
"Just run away darkling", the male warned, rather lowly! Her eyes narrowed immediately before she sent a sharp bite into his shoulder, making him back up and she quickly went around him, sprinting her way towards the red dun.

Can he not get himself into trouble, the black coated filly thought, she wasn't built like any of these fawnlings who were either very light or very heavy in build though her build was more like Genesis's who seemed to be not having an easy time with the male her age.
She ignored the sounds of someone following her as she went to slam her entire weight into the Palomino Roan's body in hopes of knocking him over and keeping him from running the two year old into the ground.


Fighting. Angeal was attempting to directly avoid combat beyond a simple shoving match, but these two fawns were struggling to do damage to the attackers. With one final shove, Angeal threw the golden buck back and snorted, bringing himself to his full (and somewhat imposing) height.

“I’d suggest you all back off, lest I report the three of you to whatever superior officer you answer too; you know fighting is forbidden outside of rut!” He thundered, stomping a massive hoof for emphasis and curling his lip in irritation.

“And for attacking fawns as well as fighting out of season, you’ll be stripped of whatever potential title you might have and be disgraced forevermore! You’ll never make the army! Worthless, shunned, and stigmatized worse than even a dark coat!” His words seemed to have some level of impact, as the gold buck regained his footing and stared kind of lamely at the massive grullo.

“Oh yeah? And who do you answer to, darkling?!”

“Colonel Jarrick.” Angeal spat the name with as much respect as his anger would allow. “You had best believe that he will hear of this and I am very good at remembering details. I don’t even need your names.” He lowered his head and snorted in warning. It seemed the scuffles had come to a stop, however temporary, at his words. While the colonel was no General, he was among one of the older and more seasoned high-ranking officers in the army, and his name was known by many.

“Call my bluff.” He growled in warning, his voice an earthy tremble.

The three exchanged glances. It seemed the chestnut from before had fled already. Angeal’s loud and commanding voice was likely to draw attention from anyone else nearby. The forest was large, but not so large as to prevent a fight from gathering notice.

“Leave now and leave with your reputation in tact. This is your final warning.” And apparently, the last warning they’d get before Angeal himself decided to lay into all three of them at once. He paced closer to the two fawns and cocked a hoof in warning, ears pinned flat against his neck. The bullies had done far and away to much damage for the dark buck to let it continue.


That's right, no one was allowed to actually start a fight unless it was in the seasons, though Genesis ignored that factor as he shook his coat clean of dirt. Along his body were small cuts or cut that would become unnoticeable scars that will eventually fade, he was mostly actually more bruised with his ego slightly battered at the event's.
So the dark buck was under the colonel's leadership? The red dun would've shown how irritated he was but he'd rather not give anyone satisfaction with getting under his skin, though any indication to any of his negative emotions would be how pinned back his ears were to his skull and the fact he was staring rather darkly at the palomino roan that stood with his back to the red dun.

He glanced at Nyx, who had been able to gain the older light coated buck's attention from the red dun earlier, she was most likely bruised up like himself, he couldn't really make out any cuts on her body because of how dark she was but he could see just how angry the dark coated filly was. He didn't pay attention much to what the older male's were talking about though did get rather uncomfortable with how close the dark buck got to them.

The red dun was actually somewhat satisfied that the dark buck that had come to their aid showing something other then that calm demeanor he seemed to have had earlier. His light brown eyes glanced at the palomino roan and the silver buckskin, both of which began walking back to their group, the roan glaring back at Genesis while the buckskin barely passed them a backwards glance.

I have a feeling that the palomino will want to try his luck in the future, the red dun thought, almost smirking. He actually looked forward to a rematch when he's older and when the seasons start for it.

She stared rather irritably at everyone, this was not how she thought her day would go, in fact, she's pretty sure her mother would be probably disappointed that she was brought into a scuffle, okay maybe, who knows, sometimes her mother was a bit hard for even her to understand. Maybe it was the fact she has to take care of not only Nyx, herself, but another fawn? She wondered what her father would think about this? She heard Blackwood's liked to fight, maybe he would be proud about this situation or furious, next time she see's him, she would have to ask.

She listened rather closely to the dark buck's words. So he was under the colonel's guidance? How interesting, she thought as she listened, she forgot for a moment that there was a rule against fighting when it's the off season. The silver buckskin behind her just stood there, though he wasn't actually one of the fighters, that didn't make him any less of an instigator as he was apart of the golden buck's group.

Everything had seemed to stop as well, the palomino roan was slowly walking away towards the group as was the buckskin, she wasn't sure what the golden was doing as she turned her head to Genesis to see how he was doing, there was a weird look in his eyes as he watched the two light coated bucks walking away. Her body felt sore, nothing a few days of resting up couldn't fix as she looked at how close the dark buck was getting to her and Genesis. It seems they all were going to end up leaving, though wouldn't be a surprise if they spat some nasty comments out.


With one final, rude, offhanded comment, the golden buck gathered his remaining friends (and noted, loudly and with great irritation that the chestnut from before was gone) and turned to leave.

“Just you wait, Darkling! You and yours will get what’s coming to you!” He snarled over his shoulder. Angeal snorted loudly as they beat a retreat.

“I await a rematch when the season is right.” He huffed before straightening and turning to look at the two fawns. Scuffed up and a little dirty, but unharmed, which was actually fairly surprising, considering.

“Are you alright?” His tone was not that of an adult looking to coddle a child, but rather the tone one would take when assessing the damage done to their comrades in battle. The young red dun had impressed him. For being as little as he was, he put up quite the fight. With a soft sigh and a smile, he let his composure fall from the strict, stiff posture he held before.

“I’m sorry about that. If any of us gets into trouble for this, let me take the blame, I essentially started it.” He was the one who had butted heads first, but he’d taken just about enough of the guff those older stags were giving the two. Honestly, a respectable soldier ought to know better than to pick on youngsters.

“I’m Angeal.” He introduced himself, “And it’s a pleasure to meet you both… even if the situation wasn’t… well, the best.” Now that he wasn’t acting fierce and serious, his youth showed a little more. His face still held a lot of fawnish youth, and even his build betrayed some of his leftover gangliness. His tail seemed to have missed the memo, and was short compared to most. He looked very much the awkward teenager-- which wasn’t far off the mark, really, he’d just exited fawnhood himself.


The red dun's light brown orbs stared rather blankly at the older male, tail curling as he kept his head held high as he ignored the leaving group of older fawnlings. He wasn't sure of what to think about this buck, a felt a sharp nudge into his side and he reluctantly threw out a thank you, not bothering to look the older male in the eye as he scoffed at what Nyx said.
"We're fine, nothing I can't handle", the red dun spoke, seemingly arrogant as he looked away from them.
"I doubt they'll tell anyone, no matter how cowardly they are, they won't risk their future or their parents wraths", the red dun spoke, for his age he was quiet well spoken. He purposely ignored Nyx's jab at himself but held his tongue from saying anything about her seemingly growing curiosity towards their rescuer.
"My name is Genesis", the red dun spoke, shaking his mane to the other side as the a long piece swung over his head, hanging like a forelock on a horse, covering his eye somewhat. This dark buck was going to be a challenge later, Genesis could feel it as he glanced at the dark male.


The black coated female silently watched the retreating figures before her dark warm brown eyes locked onto the dark buck that had come to hers and Genesis aid. Her ears twitched as she ignored the last retorts of the foolish older males, when the dark buck turned to look at her and Genesis, she relaxed.

When he asked if they were alright, she immediately shot the red dun a dull look, seriously this colt is asking for them to kill him, despite she found him rather interesting because of how determined he was, she found him also irritating for always putting himself into a situation he most likely can't even get out of without help, of course she almost bit at him when he answered for both of them.

"Yes, we're fine. He likes to push buttons and get into trouble, nothing he hasn't done before", Nyx spoke, looking at Genesis who seemed to give her a strange look before looking back at the blue roan, she of course agreed with Genesis slightly when he said those older fawnlings wouldn't tell, it's rather obvious they don't want to risk getting into more trouble than they were in.

"I'm Nyx-Corvina but you can call me; Nyx or Corvina", the dark three year old spoke, smiling brightly towards the dark buck, ignoring the fact Genesis had taken a step closer towards her while not looking at the buck.

"It is nice to meet you as well and thank you for your help", she spoke, she had picked up on Genesis's well spoken habit, purposely paying close attention to her mother's conversations and other fawnlings who conversed. The stones around her neck caught the light slightly.


Despite the almost arrogant attitude that the young red dun threw at Angeal, he smiled. Really, it was almost to be expected. This kid was good if he’d come out of the fight without severe injuries. He had every right to be proud. That boast had backing.

“I’ve no doubt of that.” He admitted with a sincere nod. “You’re quite the noble warrior, Genesis. All of that to defend your friend. You have every right to be that proud.” He turned his attention to the dark filly as she spoke and nodded as well.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well, Nyx.” He returned with a pleasant smile. Both of these fawns were very well spoken and polite. Angeal didn’t feel as though he was in the company of those much younger than himself, really-- if they weren’t so small and young looking, he’d be almost convinced that they were simply very small adults-- or at least, somewhere around his own age.

Choosing not to comment on that, he instead rolled his shoulders back and sighed.

“Well then… were you two headed somewhere particular before those ruffians decided to cause a scene?”


Genesis looked at Angeal with a rather passive expression as he stared at the dark buck, he had to admit, if he was being trained under the colonel's leadership then maybe, just maybe, he wasn't as bad as he thought.
He almost lost what composure he had with the compliment the older male gave him, that was new to him, not even Nyx has said but then again she's rather hard to impress. A noble warrior, huh? Well at least he was slowly going in the right direction, though he still was rather wary of the older male as he watched the male's attention turn to the dark filly.
He would rather not answer the buck’s question, his eyes narrowed slightly as he continued to stand his tail flicking slightly, large ears pulled forward as he watched them, trying to maintain from looking rather bored, it was a good thing Nyx had spoken up to him. Ruffians? Strange word to call pests.


She glanced at Genesis when Angeal started complimenting the red dun, well that was a first someone actually flat out complimented him despite knowing how cocky the colt is. She wondered if he would let his pride go just to talk with the dark buck in front of them but Genesis was a rather…. Arrogant and somewhat picky colt.
She already knew just by how Genesis was behaving, he wasn’t going to answer as much as she thought he might. Her tail curled as she looked back at the older male, her dark eyes staring at him as the older buck asked them on if they were going somewhere, of course Genesis wouldn’t answer that.

“I wasn’t, I was just going to graze around and maybe run around in this area. I’m not sure about Genesis”, the filly spoke, slowly looking towards the red dun colt, rather questioningly though he seemed to just look away from her stubbornly.

“Were you patrolling”, the filly questioned? Her dark eyes locking onto the blue roan buck.


Angeal had not missed the arrogance and almost pompous attitude that the colt put off. It was a little amusing. He approached the situation with an air of amusement, and even chuckled some.

“Well. If they don’t come back, I’ll be surprised. If you two don’t mind, I’d like to stick around to make sure you’re alright. I might not be much at the moment, but I am quite the deterrent…” And, although he didn’t want to admit it out loud, these two rather intrigued him.

He scanned the trees and surrounding area for anyone he recognized from training or from the army itself. No dice, but as soon as he spotted someone, he’d be reporting that little… incident.
Unusual Sparks
Featuring AngealGenesis, and Nyx-Corvina
Spring, Year 764 of the New Age
Silverthorne, The Silverwood

Woo! :dummy: This has been done for a while but I was waiting until spring rolled around to post it! Angeal meets his bestie for the first time! And lots of fun (not really lmao) and fighting was had. 

This was so much fun to do omg <3
A Thousand and One Nights by RVMStables
A Thousand and One Nights
Alternate title: LOOK MA NO REF

My bid for the lovely and adorable Scheharazad (Shyama) / Doe / Herdmember

Honestly, a doe in Blackwood (or in this case, a filly) was not one of my major goals, but I saw this beautiful baby and couldn't pass up the chance to at least try! Plus, I love her name. 

First time drawing Blackwood! Woo! 8'D I'm a little more familiar with how it should look because I basically live there lmao. Most of western Washington is coniferous forest and it rains a lot.

I'm not sure about the presence of fireflies in Blackwood but ehhh. Atmosphere, and to give her a reason to be in that pose. Initially, I was going to have the spirit of her deceased mother swirling around her, but remembered that she was too young to be displaying magic (even if you do get one freebie) and decided to save that for later, if I get her.

Absolutely no ref used! Lots of selecting and moving around the initial sketch but I'm proud with how it looks overall! Usually I have to at least eyeball something to get the pose I want. Here?Not at all. I think the anatomy is okay...? I wanted her to look really lean and skinny because lol she's in Blackwood and her ref looks like she's kind of a rail to begin with.

This is probably in spring, Y764, after she's survived her first winter! All the more reason to celebrate! :dummy:

But yeah I really like her and I'd love to have her! When she feels like she can venture away from her foster parents, maybe she could meet up with her actual sire? She'll also probably hang out with my Ryroran because I like sticking my fawnlings together in plots and stuff >w> And in the future, maybe she'll be a witch! Or an herbalist, considering her kickin' inherited score there. Or maybe a soldier? Who knows! I might give her fangs, or a really gnarly horn when she's old enough. I like to think that she'll grow into an absolutely breathtaking doe, confident, fierce, and optimistic.

WOW I got some art out in my semi-hiatus haha ;_; /lays in a pile of moving boxes and misery


No deviants said I AM GOING TO CRY ;_;
No deviants said I don't know how I keep getting bacon when I'm like barely active and afk a lot and moving and stuff
No deviants said but you guys are absolutely the best I'm almost to my goal
No deviants said I was having a really off day until I got the notification and I'm just so thankful for everyone ughhhHHH ;_;


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