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Fawnling RP Tracker and Plot Journal!

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 30, 2015, 4:55 PM


Alena the Herbalist

Alena | Doe | Herbalist by RVMStables
RP: :bulletgreen: Open
Rut: :bulletgreen: Open

Alena is a little cold to begin with, but she's fine enough when she begins to open up to someone. She's got a decent sense of humor, is bright, attentive, and can be fairly pleasant company.

Wanted RPs/Plot Ideas:
:bulletpurple:Herb gathering, with anyone, really! She doesn't mind venturing above ground.
:bulletpurple:Recovering and working with her memories. This is partially a personal arc that will be worked out, but you are welcome to participate!
:bulletpurple:Working on her magic! Alena doesn't know it yet, but she wants to become a shaman some day! Maybe even an Oathkeeper! She needs a better magic score before then
:bulletpurple:Teaching/learning herbs. She could always use some more experience here, too!
:bulletpurple:Playing with and/or teaching fawns. She loves babies. She'd be more than happy to mentor your little one.
:bulletpurple:Love! Alena could do with someone to help her out when she needs it most. She's fairly grounded for an Oakfern, so if your character's looking for someone mellow and low-maintenance, Alena might be a good bachelorette!

Present RPs:
(:bulletgreen: replied, waiting reply// :bulletred: need to reply to)
1. With rat-goddessLlevette :bulletred:
2. With nyxxiis's Pascal :bulletgreen:


Angeal the Recruit

Angeal | Buck | Aspiring Soldier by RVMStables
RP: :bulletgreen: Open
Rut: :bulletred: Closed. He's just barely old enough to breed and really has no interest in having kids just yet.

Angeal is a dedicated and serious young and upcoming soldier, but he has a soft side, and is incredibly kind and gentle! He's really kind of the odd man out, and is often bullied for his coat color. He really doesn't seem to mind, though.

Wanted RPs/Plot Ideas:
:bulletorange:Training! Angeal's always game for dancing around with another recruit or younger soldier. He doesn't much care for fighting with other, older stags because he doesn't feel he's in a position to do so. He will only participate in a spar versus an older (10 or older) stag if ordered by a higher up. He will, however, happily participate in drills and marches.
:bulletorange:Friends! Angeal will have a best friend, but his best buddy is a baby right now, and they probably won't actually meet for a while. He, however, needs others who don't mind his coat color and will hang out with him. He's a big goober, I promise.
:bulletorange:Enemies! Angeal is not a very popular dude. He's a bit of a pushover because he's a stickler for rules, regulations, and his own code of honor. However, he's also a big dude, and is almost 11 hands tall at 5 years old, and probably half that across, lmao. He could do with getting into a scuff with someone if they decided to take their bullying to the physical level.
:bulletorange: Looking for a darkling to pick on? Angeal's your guy! Young, relatively inexperienced, and unwilling to fight back, he's the perfect target for your asshole bully to pick on! Just try not to feel sorry when he gets big sad puppy eyes on his lonesome later.
:bulletorange:Ah, young love! Angeals' pretty charming when he wants to be, but doesn't have his mind set on the ladies at the moment. Anything romantic with him, for now, will probably be adorable puppy love, and the doe can be anywhere in the 5-9 age range. If it gets serious enough, and she gets involved in rut, he may even try to fight for her, even if he doesn't breed with her in his first rut!
:bulletorange: Senpai, notice him! Angeal may be looking for a mentor of his own, some older, more experienced soldier who doesn't mind taking a darkling under their wing. He's a really good little recruit, and does exactly what he's told, to the letter. (May be taken, but there could be more than one position open for this)

Present RPs:
(:bulletgreen: replied, waiting reply// :bulletred: need to reply to)
1 with SilverEnvy09's Colonel Jarrick :bulletgreen:

My preferred method of RP is over Google docs! I have a skype if you want to talk OOC, or arrange stuff other than somewhere on dA. I'll probably write my post in word and then paste it onto the doc so you guys can't see me type it out xP. Also, if I forget to reply, you are more than welcome to come dropckick me if it's been a couple days or something. Real life likes to eat me alive sometimes D8

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Call me inspired by my new character for :icongone-awry:. She's very covered up and tightly wrapped. I wondered what she'd look like under it all!

So I started sketching, clearly someone's walked in on her in the bath. OH NO.

But! All of her hair is kept up neatly under her headscarf and wrapped up on her tail. It's actually super long and flowy and pretty, but she doesn't let anyone see.

Also her face is gorgeous, but that is mostly covered up. She lowers part of the headscarf sometimes if she has to take her daggers into her mouth, or if she's eating, ect. ect.

ALSO WORTHY OF NOTE: there was no reference used here whatsoever. At all. Usually I use a ref for my art, but I had THIS POSE in mind, and couldn't find anything close enough to what I wanted, so I said FUCK IT and drew.

the only thing that I see that really... tells that I didn't use a ref... is the positioning of the hooves, which I can never get right unless I'm looking directly at it lol ;_;

I'll finish this eventually! And not make that pool look so awkward. I just wanted to share with you guys! This is how most of my stuff looks before inking and coloring. Blue sketch characters, green sketch background. (often with pink and purple sketch other things like, say, tack or riders, lmao)

I will either update this or scrap it when I'm done.
Naliya | 'Explorer' by RVMStables
Naliya | 'Explorer'

"It's been said that you have to do whatever you can to get what you want...And I always get what I want..."

||General Info||

Name ||  Naliya (Bastardization of "Nailya" meaning "One Who Attains Her Desires")

Nickname(s) ||  Nali

Age ||
  10 years old [Young Adult]

Sex/Gender ||  Mare

Rank ||  Thief "Explorer"

Home ||  None, though she favors the Fade Mountains if she is to rest her hooves for any length of time. She likes to stay low down in them, though.

Orientation ||  Heterosexual

Mate/Status ||  Open-ish? You'd be hard-pressed to tie her down, but you're welcome to try.

Foal/s ||  None


{To be expanded upon with examples and such}

:bulletgreen: Determined

:bulletgreen: Resourceful

:bulletyellow: Cunning

:bulletyellow: Clever

:bulletred: Fickle

:bulletred: Treacherous

:bulletred: Self-serving

:bulletgreen: Traveling
:bulletgreen: Sand
:bulletgreen: Treasure
:bulletgreen: Acquiring said treasure
:bulletgreen: Being warm
:bulletgreen: Thunderstorms

:bulletred: Idling for too long
:bulletred: Marshes-- she doesn't much frequent the swampier locales
:bulletred: Having her time wasted
:bulletred: LOSING. She is the sorest loser you will ever meet.
:bulletred: Being cold and/or wet
:bulletred: Storms at sea


Breed || Arabian Cross. There appears to be some Zebra in there somewhere, as well as unnatural influence.

Height ||  15.2hh

Eye Color ||  Light, pale gold

Mane & Tail Style ||  Amber-gold, fading to brown at the tips.

Coat ||  Appears to be Silver Amber Cream Champagne Overo with some deep purple zebra striping along her back and along her legs, which fade from a lightish purple to a deep plum around her knees, and darkening near her hooves. Her eyes have a dark ring of khole around them, making them appear that much brighter. [Ee/Aa/nCr/nCh/nO/nZ+ purple and striping modifiers]

Build ||  Light. She's a little on the thin side, and doesn't look like she eats well.

Accessories ||  A headscarf that she wraps around her nose and mouth, leaving only part of her face exposed. It ties closed near her shoulders. She wears two daggers-- one on her front left leg and one on her back left leg. Both are easily retrieved with a swift motion of her head. She wears several pelts and satchels over her back and hindquarters, and they hold coin and jewelry. Lastly, her tail is tied up tightly for the majority of her tail bone, leaving a tuft of her tail visible.

Scars/Disabilities/Disorders ||  "Suffers" from Kleptomania. She rather enjoys it.

Special Features ||  Nali is fairly normal, although she is capable of some incredible feats of intelligence, not the least of which is being able to read. She can use her daggers in her teeth, and uses them both for exploring and as a means of defense. They are not ornamental. She might not look like it, but she can move nearly silently on almost all terrain (ice seems to give her a little bit of trouble, and she hates shale.) She has an incredibly acute sense of smell, mostly geared towards treasure. She can smell out metals, and detect what they are before she sees them. Mostly, she sniffs around for gold, because that's most valuable to her.


Naliya was bred to be a nomad's mount. She was raised among thieves and scoundrels, and learned the ways of raiding and treachery very, very early on. Her life was mostly compromised of this until she came of age, at which point she was forced to attempt to breed. Her tail tied up, she was forced to carry a foal, which she miscarried after five months. Once she was free from the burden, she left to journey on her own, and found that she could do quite well for herself if she played the part of the innocent, lost mare in the desert before robbing caravans blind in the night and making off with their treasure to her own secret hideaway.

Eventually, she got caught, and fled swiftly from the pursuing humans. Awry happened to be docked there, and she sped across the land bridge, seeking refuge there. She soon discovered that the island was full of surprises, and not all were kind. Taking up her travels here, she was free from human intervention, but had found herself in a bit of a dilemma. Finding things to spirit away for her personal hoard was a touch more difficult than it had been before. Naliya took to exploring the isle in hopes of discovering new lands... and their treasure, more specifically.

She retains a headscarf she'd taken to wearing in the desert, a couple of nice knives she stole, some pouches, and, most importantly, her tail wrap from her breeding and brief pregnancy, as a giant middle finger to humanity. Eat one.


Bullet; Pink Love

Bullet; Red Lust

Bullet; Orange Family (family love) 

Bullet; Yellow Friend

Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow Good Friend

Bullet; Green Dislike

Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Greatly Dislike

Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Despise

Bullet; Blue Respect

Bullet; Purple Crush 

Bullet; White Uncertainty

Bullet; White Bullet; White Acquaintance/Not much known

Bullet; Black Dead 






||Roleplay Information||

:bulletgreen: This character is Open for roleplays in :icongone-awry:. She is closed to outside characters


Adventure Explorer Adopts 2 by TehPage 
#6, designed by the lovely TehPage

Erm. I've been meaning to do a character for Awry literally for years. It took me seeing an adoptable that I absolutely had to have to get me off my ass and do it. 

Sssssoooo meat Naliya, my single explorer for the group! Er... I use the term lightly, because really she's only in it for the monetary gain. Lmao. She's a conniving little shit.
Snowbound by RVMStables
Night was settling in on the outpost. The wind screamed through the distant peaks, creating an ethereal howling that reached the ears of the six Drow, bundled against the wintry cold, sharing the warmth of the fire.

"We're going to die out here." One of them grumbled.

"No we won't." The commanding officer pulled his cloak tighter around him, "We only need to stay here for a small while longer. We're stationed overlooking the pass for a reason. A caravan heading for Wyford should be passing through here within the week. The weather's been fairly mild, considering. We won't be out here much longer. Chin up, boys."

They stoked the fire and pushed closer to it as a gale swept past the camp, keeping the life-giving flame lit. 

Their horses huddled nearby, all with their heads down to brave the harsh cold. None of them were built for this, unlike the mild-mannered, heavier breed that inhabited these mountains and the small villages therein. 

The only one who didn't seem bothered by it was the icy blue and white stallion, who patrolled the area surrounding the camp slowly, head down, and nose puffing warm plumes of steam into the air as he ensured the safety of his rider and his troupe. 

It had been said that he was born with ice in his veins. The cold never bothered him, and he loved the beauty of ice and snow. It reminded him of his own pelt-- the beautiful fractal curves of black against the white on his neck like shattered ice. He blended in with the scenery well enough that his rider had to look twice for him when he heard him move away.

"Frost! Come back here!"

The large stallion huffed and looked over his shoulder, emerald green eyes regarding his rider with disinterest.

"Ah, let him be. He just wants to explore." Said another of the troupe.

"What, scared you'll lose him out here on the mountain?"

"Yeah, he's really hard to see."

"Ah, don't worry. He always comes back. He'll be ready to mount up whenever." Another said, taking a sip of something warm he'd been heating by the fire.

As his rider waved him off, Frostsyne continued to explore the area in which they'd set up. The camp was situated on a cliff overlooking the mountain pass, with an easy way down onto the road below a half-mile off. He trotted off towards the thin line of trees that had been concerning him for some time. These mountains were, for the most part, fairly uncharted, and he didn't know what dangers awaited in them. He was fairly sure he could take anything that came at him, he was big, even for a Snjorrir, but he didn't wish to be caught by surprise. Slowing and lowering his nose to the snow, he huffed, searching for any concerning scents. The wind whistled past, and snow began to fall once more.

Glancing up, his brow furrowed. The snow and wind would cover any scents and tracks that could potentially clue him in. It was also getting late. He huffed one last time, looking into the darkness beyond the trees before heading back to camp to bunk down with the rest of the horses.

WOW. Hours later, I'm done, lmao ;_;

This is my bid for one of the lovely Mosaic Snjorrirs! I fell in love with his cool colored theme when I saw him and knew I had to try for him! ;w; He's just TOO gorgeous!

I worked really REALLY hard on that background! I tried a couple new tricks and pulled a lot of reference from Skyrim to try and see how it should look. I'm actually really proud of it! Like, omg. 

Kay I'm gonna go fall over now

:heart: Snjorrir Import 161 by orengel

:new:Edit: Some things must be done in photoshop. Like Snow. Snow must always be done in photoshop. So much better x-x
Health update
1 deviant said so idk what's next. I still need to go in for my bloodwork but I've been feeling like utter shit
No deviants said was placed on Prilosec for my stomach and Zoloft for my anxiety
No deviants said Prilosec seems to be helping a little bit
No deviants said I had to quit taking Zoloft because of the nasty dizzy half-second-delay-in-the-world-around-me side effect that is apparently genetic (mom had a similar reaction to a different antidepressant in the same family)
No deviants said so sorry guys ;_;
So tomorrow I get to go in to see if I have an ulcer, among other things
3 deviants said All the good thoughts and well wishes are appreciated <333
No deviants said Fairly convinvced I have an ulcer since I have literally all the symptoms and it's sapping my strength
No deviants said Also going to talk to the doctor about my ridiculous insomnia and why my joints hurt when I'm only 24
No deviants said And about my anxiety, which isn't diagnosed but I suspect will be. Yay.
No deviants said Sooooo number one reason I haven't been doing a whole lot the past couple weeks is because I don't have the energy
No deviants said Sorry to everyone who's waiting on me to rp or to draw something or something ;_; ughhh
No deviants said I'll keep you guys posted.

Health update 

1 deviant said so idk what's next. I still need to go in for my bloodwork but I've been feeling like utter shit
No deviants said was placed on Prilosec for my stomach and Zoloft for my anxiety
No deviants said Prilosec seems to be helping a little bit
No deviants said I had to quit taking Zoloft because of the nasty dizzy half-second-delay-in-the-world-around-me side effect that is apparently genetic (mom had a similar reaction to a different antidepressant in the same family)
No deviants said so sorry guys ;_;


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Community Project: Nordanner by Experimentor-Iblis
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I'm not sure which geno I'll pick yet (it'll probably be the Skyfall :'D), but hopefully the foal will be designed soon! :la:
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