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RVMS Snjorrir Journal

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 7, 2014, 5:09 PM


:bulletblack: All breedings require one breeding picture of some sort. Headshot, full body painted background, it doesn't matter to me, really, just draw my horses xD It doesn't matter if you bought the slot or won it in an auction, doodle something. The picture MUST be done before the slot becomes usable, unless you approach me with extenuating circumstances.
:bulletblack: I would like a slot with the foal, but this isn't a necessity if you don't want it to be. I do this automatically for all of my foals out of courtesy.
:bulletblack: Please notify me before the sale or rehoming of foals from my horses
:bulletblack: I'm fairly lenient with breeding slots, but don't pester me if I say no. Really simple.
:bulletblack: Breeding slots listed as public may be purchased. Private are tentatively for sale, and require a note to discuss. (Basically, I'm not sure if I want to sell that many slots on one horse, but I'm open to offers)


 20 RVMS Aeldi The Honorable by RVMStables
20 RVMS Aeldi The Honorable :star::star::star:

E244 RVMS Allegro by RVMStables
E244 RVMS Allegro :star:

791 RVMS Iumy by RVMStables
791 RVMS Iumy

E351 RVMS Insarill by RVMStables
E351 RVMS Insarill


90 RVMS Imjara by RVMStables
90 RVMS Imjara :star:

E208 RVMS Amari by RVMStables
E208 RVMS Amari

624 RVMS Risyan by RVMStables
624 RVMS Risyan :star:

E330 RVMS Aedriana by RVMStables
E330 RVMS Aedriana :star:

Slots I have

:bulletblue:Cha'tima E332 by soulswitch

:bulletblue:37 Shade's Halva by Dappleclaw

:bulletblue:355 Royal Luxury by ANIMALGIRL1869

:bulletblue:E354 Jadon by ANIMALGIRL1869


20 RVMS Aeldi The Honorable by RVMStables X 175 Heart of Gold by ANIMALGIRL1869 = Moonbathed by RVMStables = E330 RVMS Aedriana by RVMStables

Inasul 685 by soulswitch X WF's Mimsa by SWC-arpg = Chasing the Falling Star by RVMStables = E351 RVMS Insarill by RVMStables

Snjorrir Affiliates

Affiliates enjoy the prospect of collaborative stories, especially with our direct imports, and the ability to interact with the two Snjorrir handlers, Shea-tam and Penthe. (Essentially, you sign on to be a roleplay partner. Muahahaha.)

Pet Projects

:bulletpurple: (Gilded) Skyfall DONE!
:bulletpurple: Starfinder DONE!
:bulletpurple: Ruby Inkglot [Slot(s) needed]
:bulletpurple: Dominant Gem Roan [Slot needed]
:bulletpurple: Belton [Slot(s) needed]
:bulletpurple: Tuxedo [Slot(s)] needed]
:bulletpurple: Gems. All the Gems [Slot(s) needed]

Journal History


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1,551 / 10,000
Just for payments and for donations <3

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PARPG || Samoa by RVMStables
PARPG || Samoa
Name: Samoa
Nickname(s) : Sam, Sammy
Species: Mudkip (Pattern Mutant)
Type:  Water
Gender: Male
Level: 2
Potential: 1
Attacks Known:

:bulletblue: Tackle
:bulletpink: Growl

Experience Log: 
Reference +2

Personality: Samoa is fierce and somewhat intense. He has a no-nonsense attitude and is always determined. He is secretive and stoic, and trusts very few. He has a strong moral compass and likes to do good, but he enjoys adventure just as much. He is almost always in motion and looking for the next challenge. 

Closed. Not high enough level

Starter x Starter

Clutches: None

Offspring: None

Hahaaa another old character of mine! Samoa was the leader of a mystery dungeon team alongside Tahiti, a female Treecko (Also pattern mutant, actually) Maui, a male Shinx, and Fiji, a female Absol. They made up Team Riptide. All of them wore Sharpeedo tooth necklaces like his up there. I've had him designed for ages but never actually put him in color. I really like how he looks!
E466 Placeholder by RVMStables
E466 Placeholder
The foal you got was....

Shade's Aremode (728) X Nirepi 824

Flamed Blue Divo Spectre (Chinableu)
Ee Vv nGm nFlm nDv nSpc (EE Cc Vv nGm)
Flamed Midnight Spectre
EE nGm nFlm nSpc

WOWIE I GOT SUCH A PRETTY FOAL *3* I had a rough time with the spectre because I didn't know exactly how to do it without making it look like how I USUALLY highlight horses. Doing this one in full shaded glory is going to be really hard. 

Erm... I don't know about gender and a name. Again. LOL. I'm leaning towards a filly maybe?
E244 RVMS Allegro by RVMStables
E244 RVMS Allegro
Name: RVMS Allegro
Nickname: Ro
Registry No: 244
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Pure Snjorrir
Age: 5 Years
Height: 16.3 hh
Colour: Gilded Mochachino Dun
Genotype: EE/Cc/Vv/DD/GdGd
Discipline: All around show
Personality: Ro has a somewhat over inflated ego and sense of self-worth. He fancies himself royalty and has the attitude to go with it. He's very pushy and demands attention and treats, and whines when he doesn't get it. (His mother usually puts him in his place as she has no patience for such behavior) He is very friendly and sweet, however, and loves just about everything and everyone. He's a great ham and loves to put on a show.


------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: 18 SPaVES Orison
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: 113 FRS Whipped in Chocolate
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: 23 FRS Miliar
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: 90 RVMS Imjara
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

Breeding: Open

2. Mine
3. Mine
4. Jian89
5. Valentine's Event <3
:new: 6. Pending

Design sheet
244 Placeholder by RVMStables

Conquest points:

Ref +2
Gilded +1

90 RVMS Imjara +2
113 FRS Whipped in Chocolate +2
23 FRS Miliar +2
18 SPaVES Orison +2



Another overdue ref for a Snjorrir. ;_; My dominant gilded baby! His markings are also really hard to replicate the way I did them on the sheet. Ahaha ;u; 

He's a big dork and I love him fffff ;u;
PARPG|| Good Ol' Fashioned Teamwork by RVMStables
PARPG|| Good Ol' Fashioned Teamwork

:bulletred: Volta Learned Shock Wave!
:bulletred: Celtic Learned Energy Ball!

Some leveling and some attack learning for Volta and Celtic! They make a pretty good team

I'd write something for them, but I'm p braindead at the moment, which is why this looks so crappy as far as lineart (and coloring ugh) goes. Didn't want to sit and line for five hours straight because I'm ridiculously persnickety with my own lines.Mostly, I wanted to draw attack effects.

It occurred to me that Celtic's pose is more suited to learning Double Kick or something while I was sketching him but eh. I wanted him to have a more solid grass-type attack. Maybe he and Volta will do some more training and THEN he'll learn Double Kick.

+3 exp for the headshots
+4 exp for the fullbody
+7 exp total
Snowy Soul by RVMStables
Snowy Soul
Arjali De Laroche for Jian89 for winning my Secret Santa goodie bag!

Arjali is so pretty and sad! I tried to capture her character as best I could! ;u; also, shading munches her dewberry markings all the time. It's just a thing ;_; this looked so much better flat colored.

Goddammit dA get your shit together 

2 deviants said wtf man
No deviants said 502 Bad Gateway whenever I try to upload something
No deviants said Literally just finished some art I owed and I want to upload it


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Saves me the work of reporting her, thank you for being so quick :B
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good thing I didn't have to go hunting to report her too. LOL I was just like UH ART THEFTTT
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:nod: The original artist of those Charlie the Unicorn images has since deactivated their account, so yeah. Good riddance! Probably thought she could get away with it since the original artist isn't around anymore, some people :roll:

She had JUST sent me a note asking for free art when you left her the comment, when I replied she had already deactivated it xD
RVMStables Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2014
LAUGHING FOREVER. I saw she also wanted to upload the stolen images to Cavitto too and I was like UHM NO. GTFO :lmao:
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