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RVMS Snjorrir Journal

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 7, 2014, 5:09 PM


:bulletblack: All breedings require one breeding picture of some sort. Headshot, full body painted background, it doesn't matter to me, really, just draw my horses xD It doesn't matter if you bought the slot or won it in an auction, doodle something. The picture MUST be done before the slot becomes usable, unless you approach me with extenuating circumstances.
:bulletblack: I would like a slot with the foal, but this isn't a necessity if you don't want it to be. I do this automatically for all of my foals out of courtesy.
:bulletblack: Please notify me before the sale or rehoming of foals from my horses
:bulletblack: I'm fairly lenient with breeding slots, but don't pester me if I say no. Really simple.
:bulletblack: Breeding slots listed as public may be purchased. Private are tentatively for sale, and require a note to discuss. (Basically, I'm not sure if I want to sell that many slots on one horse, but I'm open to offers)


 20 RVMS Aeldi The Honorable by RVMStables
20 RVMS Aeldi The Honorable :star::star::star:

244 RVMS Allegro by RVMStables
244 RVMS Allegro :star:

791 RVMS Iumy by RVMStables
791 RVMS Iumy


90 RVMS Imjara by RVMStables
90 RVMS Imjara :star:

208 RVMS Amari by RVMStables
208 RVMS Amari

624 RVMS Risyan by RVMStables
624 RVMS Risyan :star:

330 RVMS Aedriana by RVMStables
330 RVMS Aedriana :star:

Slots I have

Cha'tima (332) by soulswitch


20 RVMS Aeldi The Honorable by RVMStables X 175 Heart of Gold by ANIMALGIRL1869 = Moonbathed by RVMStables = 330 RVMS Aedriana by RVMStables

Inasul 685 by soulswitch X WF's Mimsa by SWC-arpg = Chasing the Falling Star by RVMStables = [No Foal Yet]

Snjorrir Affiliates

Affiliates enjoy the prospect of collaborative stories, especially with our direct imports, and the ability to interact with the two Snjorrir handlers, Shea-tam and Penthe. (Essentially, you sign on to be a roleplay partner. Muahahaha.)

Pet Projects

:bulletpurple: (Gilded) Skyfall DONE!
:bulletpurple: Starfinder [Pendindg]
:bulletpurple: Ruby Inkglot [Slot(s) needed]
:bulletpurple: Dominant Gem Roan [Slot needed]
:bulletpurple: Belton [Slot(s) needed]
:bulletpurple: Tuxedo [Slot(s)] needed]
:bulletpurple: Gems. All the Gems [Slot(s) needed]

Journal History


RVMStables has started a donation pool!
1,551 / 10,000
Points accumulated from my Nordanners. Likely used to spoil friends and buy more Nordanners....

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Hana the Lirdolf by RVMStables
Hana the Lirdolf
Name: Hanabira
Nickname: Hana
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Hair: Eel cut (Not pictured)
Eye Colour: Mint Green

Personality: Hana is quiet and sweet, and somewhat finicky. She only likes select few people and Dolves, and Iumy, the resident Howl Mancer, who she looks up to as her alpha. 

Likes: Being groomed, attention, cherries, flowers, Iumy, 

Hates: Large crowds, Those she doesn't like or hasn't approved of, being dirty or messy (hence her preference towards being clipped) and having people touch her feathers (Unless she's given her permission by not snapping at anyone who gets near them)

Mate/Love: None, looking, but picky
Breeding: Open to Lirdolf males who pass her standards
Pups: None

Designer: RVMStables
Owner: RVMStables

I am a terrible bandwagon person but NOT ONLY is she pretty (Ish, I was having a hard time designing I am sick ;_; ) but she is a much needed companion for my poor lone Howl Mancer.

Her dancing and singing style is very kabuki-like. :3
351 Placeholder by RVMStables
351 Placeholder
Foal #351 Results:

Mimic Starfinder


Silver Dark Chocolate Flamed Dun Starfinder with birdcatcher spots

Gem Colour(s): Black, dark green & red
No. of Gems: 2

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: Inasul 685
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: WF's Mimsa
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

This horse is mimicking:
 Illiril 649
Snjorrir | Illiril 649 by earthshala
(With many thanks to earthshala for letting me use her beautiful gay boy as a base ;u; and for plot reasons)



MIMIC OH MY GOD. I really wanted flamed out of this but flamed on dark chocolate with dark starfinder colors would have been really hard to design. THE SILVER THO. ;_; ah well. NEXT TIME.

the tiniest bit of dark green between the two colors because OTHERWISE I GET CHRISTMAS FOAL. ;_; hahaha.
791 RVMS Iumy by RVMStables
791 RVMS Iumy
Name: RVMS Iumy
Nickname: Ummy, Um
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Pure Snjorrir (Mancer)
Age: 6
Height: 16 hh
Colour: Silver Peach Howl
Genotype: ee/Cc/VV/Zz/(W)
Discipline: Former War Horse. Retraining in hunting and cross country, and endurance
Personality: Incredibly wolfish by nature, Iumy is kept separate from the rest of the Snjorrirs because he is seen as a threat to the foals, and he and Aeldi are literally at each other's throats. He hates his isolation, but there is nothing to be done about it at present. He doesn't like being alone, though, he would rather run with a pack. He's fairly friendly to people, and has been known to play fetch with people and plays with the rescue dogs like he's one of them. (He's very careful of his size by comparison) Penthe, who has worked with him, has likened him to an oversized puppy with better manners and a dislike for the gilded herd the rescue has.

Things of note:
Bullet; Black Stolen from the Shadowvalian army.
Bullet; Black Needs rehabilitation. May be aggressive at first.
Bullet; Black Forehead marking shows when this Howl was born, and it is only when the moon looks like this that he/she will bite.


Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown

Breeding: Open selectively. Non-mancers may have to be artificially inseminated or blindfolded. Mare may also need to have exposure to be bitten.

1. Mine
2. Mine
3. Public
4. Public
5. Private

Conquest points:
Ref +2
Howl +1
Mancer +2

Total: 5

Import sheet:
Snjorrir Import 791 by Dappleclaw

AHHH ISN'T HE BEAUTIFUL?! ;u; Poor baby though literally all of my Snjorrirs with the exception of Risyan are gilded and therefore ABHORANT of mancers like him. (It should be noted that Ris doesn't like him but doesn't want to kick his ass on sight, either, she just would rather not be near him)

Poor lone wolf baby ;u; he will make friends eventually.

Like the ability to give a status update, don't like the four really huge deviations below it. :/
Morning Flower 3/3 by RVMStables
Morning Flower 3/3
3 of 3 full body pictures for Dappleclaw This one is of her gorgeous girl 547 Shade's Orielle

OH MY GOSH THIS GIRLY. I REALLY loved her from the moment I saw her! She's so simple and beautiful and hjktrhfluigserd pink and white. ;u; ahhhh she's so pretty

It was SUCH a pleasure to draw her. I think she looks really elegant here!

I hope you like your art ;u; your horsies are so pretty~!

Pokemon X Friend code! 

1 deviant said Since I can't art much and I need more friends
1 deviant said Tell me yours if you add me!
No deviants said 5215-0580-3853
No deviants said My type in Friend Safari is Flying
No deviants said And I have Tropius


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