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RVMS Snjorrir Journal

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 7, 2014, 5:09 PM


:bulletblack: All breedings require one breeding picture of some sort. Headshot, full body painted background, it doesn't matter to me, really, just draw my horses xD It doesn't matter if you bought the slot or won it in an auction, doodle something. The picture MUST be done before the slot becomes usable, unless you approach me with extenuating circumstances.
:bulletblack: I would like a slot with the foal, but this isn't a necessity if you don't want it to be. I do this automatically for all of my foals out of courtesy.
:bulletblack: Please notify me before the sale or rehoming of foals from my horses
:bulletblack: I'm fairly lenient with breeding slots, but don't pester me if I say no. Really simple.
:bulletblack: Breeding slots listed as public may be purchased. Private are tentatively for sale, and require a note to discuss. (Basically, I'm not sure if I want to sell that many slots on one horse, but I'm open to offers)


 20 RVMS Aeldi The Honorable by RVMStables
20 RVMS Aeldi The Honorable :star::star::star:

E244 RVMS Allegro by RVMStables
E244 RVMS Allegro :star:

791 RVMS Iumy by RVMStables
791 RVMS Iumy

E351 RVMS Insarill by RVMStables
E351 RVMS Insarill

951 RVMS Kuja by RVMStables
951 RVMS Kuja


90 RVMS Imjara by RVMStables
90 RVMS Imjara :star:

E208 RVMS Amari by RVMStables
E208 RVMS Amari

624 RVMS Risyan by RVMStables
624 RVMS Risyan :star:

E330 RVMS Aedriana by RVMStables
E330 RVMS Aedriana :star:

Slots I have

:bulletblue:Cha'tima E332 by soulswitch

:bulletblue:37 Shade's Halva by Dappleclaw

:bulletblue:E355 Royal Luxury by ANIMALGIRL1869

:bulletblue:E354 Jadon by ANIMALGIRL1869

:bulletblue:Shade's Imjal (E159) by orengel

:bulletblue: FmnF Pevorsul  606 by Forget-Me-Not-Fields

:bulletpink: 904 Miera by ANIMALGIRL1869

:bulletpink: E400 Clover by ANIMALGIRL1869

:bulletpink:E459 Valentina by ANIMALGIRL1869


20 RVMS Aeldi The Honorable by RVMStables X E175 Heart of Gold by ANIMALGIRL1869 = Moonbathed by RVMStables = E330 RVMS Aedriana by RVMStables

Inasul 685 by soulswitch X WF's Mimsa by SWC-arpg = Chasing the Falling Star by RVMStables = E351 RVMS Insarill by RVMStables

951 RVMS Kuja by RVMStables X 817 Fiara by ANIMALGIRL1869= [No breeding pic yet] = [No foal yet]

Snjorrir Affiliates

Affiliates enjoy the prospect of collaborative stories, especially with our direct imports, and the ability to interact with the two Snjorrir handlers, Shea-tam and Penthe. (Essentially, you sign on to be a roleplay partner. Muahahaha.)

Pet Projects

:bulletpurple: (Gilded) Skyfall DONE!
:bulletpurple: Starfinder DONE!
:bulletpurple: Ruby Inkglot [Slot(s) needed]
:bulletpurple: Dominant Gem Roan [Slot needed]
:bulletpurple: Belton [Slot(s) needed]
:bulletpurple: Tuxedo [Slot(s)] needed]
:bulletpurple: Gems. All the Gems [Slot(s) needed]

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Blooming by RVMStables
"I don't like it." Stary hummed quietly, leaning on the fence, and watching their newest acquisition parade himself into the small herd of Snjorrir that the stables had acquired. Aeldi had paid him little more mind than a turned ear, and Imjara had pinned her ears back and huffed at him. The purple stallion gave her a bit more distance than he gave the others. The young Allegro and Aedriana avoided him, staying with Amari, who also chose to ignore him.

And then there was Risyan. Once he spotted her on the other side of the fence, he made a bee-line for her, ignoring the herd of likewise gilded horses, who went back to grazing. Risyan had been watching him from the moment he was introduced, and shied back a bit from the fence as he neared. He waited quietly, patiently, for her to return, and allowed her to be the one to move in and inspect him first.

"... Yeah. I really don't like it...." Stary watched the two closely as Penthe hummed in thought over her left shoulder.

"Ris does need a pasture mate... and she likes him." He commented, nodding towards the pair as Risyan shifted closer.

"... Dammit. He's smooth. I'm concerned. If there's a breeding I don't want it to be accidental. And I don't like his attitude."

"You know he'll throw a fit if he doesn't get to see her." The drow sounded amused, "I believe I remember him, actually, although I never knew him personally. He was a very special horse and didn't see much of war. He lived a rather posh life. No wonder Aeldi doesn't take to him."

As if overhearing the conversation at the fence, Kuja tossed his head and let out a piercing, indignant cry that there was a fence between he and the rose mare.

"...Fucks sake." Stary ran her hand through her hair, ruffling the auburn locks before opening the gate. "Alright ponce get your prissy ass over here and I'll let you in." Tossing his head and trotting elegantly along the length of the fence, he followed Stary's escort to the adjacent pen, purposefully ignoring her previous comment, or so it seemed.

"Don't go getting any ideas, or I'll geld you, don't think I won't. You may be pretty but we have lots of gilded breeding stock." She intoned lowly to him before opening the gate to Risyan's pasture for him. He stepped away from the woman, eyeing her. If he at all understood what she had just said, one word stuck out to him and left an impression. He let it roll off his shoulders, however, and quickly made his way over to the mare, who waited patiently. They touched noses, and Risyan visibly relaxed. Remaining poised, sniffing and gazing into one another's eyes for a few moments, Risyan broke first and grazed contentedly next to the stallion, who rested his head over her back and glanced back to the two handlers.

"I don't think your very idle threat was very effective." Penthe commented, amused, "You don't geld unless there's a good reason."

"Yeah, I know. He probably knows too. We should expect a little gem-colored foal if his highness-ness doesn't keep it in his pants." Stary looked less than thrilled, "Not that I really object to having another pretty foal around, I just don't want him to have his way all the time."

"Understood. We'll break him of this bad habit one way or another... for now... Ris really did need some company, and he's happy, so..."

"So we'll leave them be."

Ahaha. See, I had other reasons for wanting this import. Ris really needed someone to keep her grounded, although I think Kuja's probably going to be a really, really bad influence on her.

The foal possibilities from these two are very pretty, so we'll have to see! Not breeding them just yet, but look for a foal from them in the future.

Above: Kuja's pickiness with mares (he thinks Imjara is too plain and Aedri's brown points make her unappealing, and that Amari looks too much like her dad for comfort. Ris is stunning) and the "Don't take any bullshit from him" option of dealing with his snits. Boy's going to get his neck slapped if he pulls that shit while he's on a lead with her. 

Art+ Lit (596 words) : 3 VP
Under Wing by RVMStables
Under Wing
So I was typing up Kuja's personality yesterday and I was like "Hmm... he reminds me of another Snjorrir I've seen around..."

Lyeiss. Oh my goodness.

They're both snobbish, stuck up, arrogant boys who expect nothing less than the best from life. Maybe they knew eachother before they left Shadowvale? Who knows!

Either way, Kuja's older than Lyeiss is and might view him as a sort of protege from a distance, and become the worst influence if allowed.

So I wanted to draw them together because omfg. So much yes.

Have some surprise fanaart, StillRaging! I'm happy to have drawn one of my favorite Snjorrir!
951 RVMS Kuja by RVMStables
951 RVMS Kuja
Name: RVMS Kuja
Nickname: He doesn't like them. He reacts violently to pet names (Namely, Kujie-coo. He kicked someone into a post for it in the past.)
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Pure Snjorrir 
Age: 7
Height: 15.2 hh
Colour: Gilded Silver Amethyst Tuxedo Splash
Genotype: ee/Cc/nZ/nGm/GdGd/nTx/nSpl
Discipline: Dressage, Liberty, Halter, although he has the most fickle personality under saddle.
Personality: Kuja is... stubborn, in a word. He only enjoys the finest in life, and throws tantrums when he doesn't have his way. He clearly came from the lap of luxury and doesn't like to do work. He prefers his ground firm and his coat neat and well kept. He stays out of the rain when he can, and keeps his own company. He will often challenge others for positions of authority (handlers included) and can only be placated by stroking his massive ego, or making it abundantly clear than his bullshit will not be put up with. He's fairly effeminate, and if one isn't paying attention to what's between his legs, might mistake him for a mare. He consistently wears a clip of feathers in his forelock, right behind his left ear. It came with him, and if he is separated from it, he throws the grandmother of all hissy fits. He allows it to be removed only if he is being groomed, and only if it is still in eyeshot. 
There's also something very mysterious about him, like some kind of magic. Perhaps he spent some time around someone with it...

Things of note:
Bullet; Black Stolen from the Shadowvalian army.
Bullet; Black Needs rehabilitation. May be aggressive at first
:bulletblack: He's probably the most high-maintenance, snobbish, and fickle horse you will ever meet. He's very pretty, but he's not very nice.


Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown

Breeding: Highly selective. He has to approve of a mare before he'll engage.
1. Jian89 (Chrismas bundle gift!)
2.orengel (Gift for being so awesome and designing him perfectly!)
3. ANIMALGIRL1869 (breeding trade)
4. Mine
5. Mine
:new: 6. Pending

Import Sheet:
Snjorrir Import 951 by orengel

Conquest Points:

Ref +2
Gilded +1
Tuxedo +1
Under Wing +3
Blooming +3

Total: 10


Anyway,  my bestie was watching over my shoulder while I was doing Snjorrir refs and asked about the breed, I showed her the colors and markings and she hummed and hawed and then suggested I make a horse based on Kuja and gave me a list of markings to do with him. I asked for a bit of a consultation back in October, but other imports and group stuff got in the way, and he wound up getting pushed by the wayside. With backordered imports open, I asked about him and-- yep-- was allowed to import him with gilded (dominant, even!)

I bought the points for him wayyy back when I had to renew my sub, so I've been waiting very patiently to have him! ;u; I'm so glad to finally have him, he's absolutely perfect!
PARPG || Samoa by RVMStables
PARPG || Samoa
Name: Samoa
Nickname(s) : Sam, Sammy
Species: Mudkip (Pattern Mutant)
Type:  Water
Gender: Male
Level: 2
Potential: 1
Attacks Known:

:bulletblue: Tackle
:bulletpink: Growl

Experience Log: 
Reference +2

Personality: Samoa is fierce and somewhat intense. He has a no-nonsense attitude and is always determined. He is secretive and stoic, and trusts very few. He has a strong moral compass and likes to do good, but he enjoys adventure just as much. He is almost always in motion and looking for the next challenge. 

Closed. Not high enough level

Starter x Starter

Clutches: None

Offspring: None

Hahaaa another old character of mine! Samoa was the leader of a mystery dungeon team alongside Tahiti, a female Treecko (Also pattern mutant, actually) Maui, a male Shinx, and Fiji, a female Absol. They made up Team Riptide. All of them wore Sharpeedo tooth necklaces like his up there. I've had him designed for ages but never actually put him in color. I really like how he looks!
E466 Placeholder by RVMStables
E466 Placeholder
The foal you got was....

Shade's Aremode (728) X Nirepi 824

Flamed Blue Divo Spectre (Chinableu)
Ee Vv nGm nFlm nDv nSpc (EE Cc Vv nGm)
Flamed Midnight Spectre
EE nGm nFlm nSpc

WOWIE I GOT SUCH A PRETTY FOAL *3* I had a rough time with the spectre because I didn't know exactly how to do it without making it look like how I USUALLY highlight horses. Doing this one in full shaded glory is going to be really hard. 

Erm... I don't know about gender and a name. Again. LOL. I'm leaning towards a filly maybe?

Goddammit dA get your shit together 

2 deviants said wtf man
No deviants said 502 Bad Gateway whenever I try to upload something
No deviants said Literally just finished some art I owed and I want to upload it


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